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Happy bunnyness - Just nineteen, sucker's dream

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August 10th, 2006

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06:06 pm - Happy bunnyness

Woo, in two hours I'll be getting on a train to Reading - yayness! Spending the night in my house tonight, then Gen and Roxy will be up tomorrow, and then Helen's driving up after work and driving us to Gen's in East Garston, in the deepest darkest Berkshire countryside, where it's full of horses and then buses stop at 6pm. Looking forward to seeing my friend Rachel tomorrow - she's staying in Reading over the hols, but haven't managed to see her as she's been at a German summer school in Leipzig. She and I were the two people offered places out of our class, but I had to turn it down as I have to spend this summer working my arse off to pay the rent on my house, meh. Also thinking of painting my room tomorrow, as atm it's a nasty pale yellow and just looks a bit dirty. Chris painted his room white as when he moved in it was pink, so probs pop round tomorrow and see if I can borrow his rollers and sheets and if he's got any leftover paint.

Worked promo changeover on Tuesday till 7.30pm, and then as Laura and I were leaving work, who should we randomly bump into, but Terry, my ex. Haven't seen him for near enough a year - last time was the day before my 19th birthday, in The Venue when I went clubbing with my work lot. Random. Him and Laura had a good old catch up, and was so weird talking about people that I used to see three years ago but never see anymore. It's strange to thing how much things have changed and how much groups have changed since then. And Terry's sister is not 3! She was a tiny bubba when I last saw her, crazy! Anyways, what made me go ooooh was when Terry said he bumped into Scott Finch (aka Finchy!) the other week and apparently he's looking like a right tramp these days, with a big old beard, and he's put on a fair bit of weight - ooh!

Day off yesterday and I mostly slothed - nice to catch up on some sleep! In the evening went to the Lark In the Park quiz night with Tommy, Kate, Amelie, Helen, Jo and Jason, and loads of former Purple Palace people were there too, so was nice to see some old faces :-) Continued the 'cult of Jonny West' - we got him to take up our answers, woo! 

Kate was lege and came out with some good 'uns:
- (On Jo stealing her scrunchie): Nooo, I need that to get home!!!
- Germaine Greer's not old, she's a feminist!

Got a pay rise at work today, gone up from £5.55 to £5.67, wooo! Also just checked my Webmail and not only have I been accepted onto the Fresher's Angels scheme, which is a new thing Reading has just started up this year, meaning I get to herd freshers around and look after them, wooo (*special care* for any fit male freshers, lol!), but I've got a place helping out on the German Open Day on the 30th of September, which I'm gonna get paid £40 for - get in!

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