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If there was nothing you could do to stop it, why'd you try? - Just nineteen, sucker's dream

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August 9th, 2006

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03:04 pm - If there was nothing you could do to stop it, why'd you try?

Tues 1st August – We were planning on going to the cinema in the evening, after we’d all finished work, but there was fuck all on, so we decided to go to Lloyds in Bexleyheath for drinkingness instead. Also text Matt happy b’day, and he invited us up to Lloyds too, so seemed like a plan.


In terms of Matt and Angie, I’d done some beautiful matchmaking the week before. Jemma had set me the task of finding out if he liked her, so I asked him if he’d take her out, and he was like: ‘what, like on a lil date’ and then went, ‘yeh, I’ll take her out for dinner!’. She wasn’t in work that day, so I text her to let her know and gave her his number, but she said she was too embarrassed to text her, so I text him and got him to text her (looooooooooong, I know!), with the end result that they went for dinner on that Friday night. Awww! So, met up with Matt in Lloyds and sat and had a good convo for ages and aww, he said he likes our Angie. And she likes him too, aww bless. Only prob, well, that he mentioned anyways, is that he’ll be back at uni in a month and a half whereas she’s 17, works in Superdrug full time and will still be here.


Anyways, I was actually early for once, and no one was there, but Kate and Steve were down in The Wrong Un with Steve’s work lot, so went down and met them, then came back up and met Amelie, Helen, Tommy, Cathy, Clegg and Lucy in Lloyds. Frankie and Katie were also there – random but coolies. Kate and I shared a bottle of rosé and two picthers of cocktail, so got nicely drunk, although it didn’t actually completely hit me till I got home, lol. Cathy also stole a gazillion books of matches, which was pretty lustig – I took 10, but that wasn’t half as many as she took!


Weds 2nd – Me, Claire and Tommy all happened to have the same day off, so together with Kate we spent the day up London, as we hadn’t been in ages. Had some vouchers from work for Madame Tussauds, but when we got there the queue was ridiculously long – like a 3 hr wait or something – so we abandoned that idea. Hit Oxford Street and then went to Cannon Street to spend Amelie’s lunch hour with her, which was coolies. After that we went to the Tate Modern, then took a stroll along the Thames, then Claire went home and Kate, Tommy and I ventured over to Camden. Got a couple of things in Atlantic and also some stuff for my Graaaaaange house. Was talking to my friend Rachie from uni the other day about it, and turns out it’s not just me that gets stupidly excited about acquiring bits and bobs and furnishings for our houses!


In the ‘shop with no name’, as we’ve always called it, got an awesome big blackboard that says ‘hooray, only one more job to do and then it’s gin and tonic time!’ at the top, which is especially relevant as Gen’s fave drink is gin, which she’s constantly drinking. Also got a metal roadsign that says ‘Princess Parkway’ to continue the princess that’s already begun in our house with our pink princess bathmat. Altogether now – ‘who’s that fluffy bundle of love? It’s Priiiiiiiiincess! Priiiiiiiiiincess!’. For anyone who doesn’t have the slightest clue what I’m talking about, go here. We love it. It’s from Trey Parker and Matt Stone so, y’know, there’s the obligatory blowjobs and necrophilia, as well as the fluffy dog of the title…. enjoy! On the left hand side of the road they’ve really made a lot of developments since I was last in Camden, there’s loads mpore boutiques and still more building works going on. Bought a gorgeous lampshade in one of the boutiques – Lisa from work would’ve loved it cos the shop was full of pretty pink things!


Thurs 3rd – Looooooooooooong day at work. Was meant to be working 6am – 3pm, so got up at 4.45am, but then Angie called in sick (hungover – she needs to learn to cope with them like us elder Soopahdoopahdrug people do!) so I ended up staying till 5.30pm. Knackered after that!


Fri 4th – Spent many, many hours transferring all my uni work and photos over from my laptop to my home computer, and still haven’t even finished now. Then went with mum to give blood. Stupid that now I live in Berkshire half the year I’m registered to two different areas, so they don’t send me letters anymore. Plus, apparently I last gave blood in Southampton! Well, to my knowledge it was in fact Reading, unless I’ve suddenly changed unis without realising!


In the evening we’d planned a big night out up London, but it didn’t quite go to plan…… Lee and his lot were going up to Fabric and invited us, so we planned to meet them and party and stuff. Kate, Harry and I went round to Tommy’s to do some drinking as we didn’t wanna pay London drinks prices, and dad gave me a lift there, but he was hassling me to go as he wanted to be back in time for Eastenders, so I ended up somehow leaving my phone at home, grrrrrrrargh. Hung out at Tommy’s, which was really good, and then went to the station and there was 10 mins till the train, so Harry and Kate went for chips, but then they weren’t back in time, noooooo! Amelie and Helen met us on the train and then at Charing Cross we sat and waited for Harry and Kate for half an hour. I was also expecting Lee and his lot to arrive, as what I didn’t know as I didn’t have my mobley on me, was that his lot had suddenly decided to go to London Bridge instead of Charing Cross. So, not knowing this, I gave up on finding him anyways. Next, Kate’d lost her oyster card, and then once we actually got to Farringdon we had to queue for ages to get into Fabric, despite having advance tickets. Once we were in, we lost Kate for a bit, and it was ridiculously packed, so all we did was walk around to try and find some space, and then once we eventually did, Kate kept fainting and scaring us all, so we ended up leaving. I think we spent more time in the queue than we did in the club, lol.


Bless Kate, she kept saying sorry over and over, but I was like, ‘mate, you mean more to us than any night out!’. Sat on the street for a while, and the randomest thing was when this random dude came along and wouldn’t go away and insisted on rapping at us in French! Sat for ages in KFC while the boys got food, then got a cab to Trafalgar Square, and then our beloved N21 home. Got in at 4am and had proper munchies, so ate two crumpets and two potato cakes, but had to stop myself before I ate the whole freezer. Then had a few hours sleep and then went to work for 9am!


Sun 6th – My sister Abbey’s 16th b’day. Mum went properly psycho in the morning when Abbey didn’t care enough about opening her cards and mum woke Katie and I up to see Abbey open her cards, but we apparently didn’t get downstairs fast enough. We were supposed to be going to church, but after she’d thrown Abbey’s card in the bin, mum stormed out. Only found out where the hell she was when she text me at about three in the afternoon to tell me that she’s gone to visit auntie Liz up in London.


Abbey’s friends were coming over about 4pm and she didn’t want us around, so I took Katie over to Lark In The Park. She made me go on that gladiators thing with her, but I was too big, so I couldn’t even stand on the podium thingy properly and fell off without her even hitting me, lol. Went on the bouncy castle, spun plates and played giant connect 4, and Katie had a temporary tattoo done.


Gave Helen a ring in the evening and things are not good in the world of Miss Hely. She got drunk and kissed someone else when she and some of her mates randomly went away to Manchester last weekend for her (now ex-)friend Hannah’s b’day, so Michael’s broken up with her. As if that wasn’t enough, he found out because just after it happened, Hannah called him up and left a msg on his voicemail, then she went off and left Hely and Yasmin alone in the club, and then back at the hostel attacked her! Like, wtf?! Gonna give that girlie big hugs when I see her on Friday, when she, Rox and I go to the deepest darkest Berkshire countryside to spend the weekend at Gen’s.


Some boys are just gayers sometimes. If I were Michael I’d give Hely another chance, I mean it’s not like she’s done anything like this before. If anything, he’s the one to watch out for, as he’s always spending time with his ex at home Up North. Personally, I got a bit annoyed with Christian, cos he didn’t reply to my last letter, but then he emailed me and said it was cos I’d written so much that his writing ability just didn’t compare and he like felt dwarfed. Oh yeh, plus the unsaid point that he’s a lazy sod and gets distracted muchly easily! Still, that wasn’t what annoyed me. What did annoy was that I’d mentioned Matt, and so he assumed that I was going out with him, and was like ‘I hope you have a good relationship with your new b/f’, blah blah blah. Err, what? Why is it that if you even mention another boy, guys assume you’re going out with them?! What, am I not allowed to have boy mates at home?! Meh, what’s a girl to do with the male species? Still, at least I can rest safe in the knowledge that Christiano’s still as generally crap at communication and keeping in contact as always, as Lee said he hasn’t got in touch with him at all, and those two plus Maria were like the Three Musketeers of our corridor back in Wessex.


Mon 7th – Been promoted to make-up at work, wooooo! Basically means I now spend most of my time in the make-up aisle tidying the stands, putting out stock and doing event counts for it. Which suits me fine, as I love organising things and making them perfect, as we all know. We close at 5.30pm, but there was this woman today who wouldn’t leave until 5.50pm, which was muchly annoying. She got me to help her with a lot of perm stuff and shampoos and hair colourants, and then in the end at the till she only bought one thing and gave us two baskets of stuff to put back!!! She told us – and I’m not kidding here – literally 20 + times that she has cancer, and of course I was sympathetic at first, but then she just kept on talking and talking and cancer was her excuse for everything. I’m poor because I have cancer. I can’t buy things because I have cancer. Oh, and she also told me that we should sell footless tights because she has ulcers all over her legs and feet. Lovely, really, I’m sure.


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