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You just start again, you start all over again - Just nineteen, sucker's dream

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August 9th, 2006

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03:01 pm - You just start again, you start all over again

Weds 26th – Got given Thursday and Friday off work, so after work on Wednesday I travelled up to Reading. The others had all gone up the weekend before for Nick’s birthday/leaving party, but I’d had Tommy’s, plus obv work at 8.30am on Saturday morning, so I’d never have made it. Nick was leaving on Thursday morning to go back to America forever (*sob*) so I wanted to see him before he went. As now seems have to become customary, I made him a photo album of his best bits of Wessexness, which he seemed to like, woo! Got there at 8.30pm – seems so normal now, travelling to and from Reading, like the most natural thing. Roxy was in when I got there – she’d come up a week previously for Nick’s thing and hadn’t actually gone home, she’d just stayed in da Graaaaaaaaaaange all week, crazy girlie. Nick. Becca and Will were out at the pub when I got there but came back later, and, Josh, Sukhi, Dilraj and Josh’s lege of a 13 yr old cousin Johnson came round. Josh was wrecked, it was so funny, him managing to unplug the tv and then wondering why it wasn’t working. Stayed up late into the night with some drinkies watching randomness like Final Destination 2 and the Spongebob Squarepants movie (though we all managed to fall asleep at the end, so no one actually knows what happened!), and then when we all went to bed Nick tried to persuade me to stay up drinking with him (it was 3.30am at this point!). He left for the airport about 4.30am – heard him go – end of an era!


Thurs 27th – Our hot water worked (well, better than before) so used the downstairs shower for the first time – actually really good! In the afternoon I managed to convince Becca and Will to actually leave the house and join Roxy and I in having a picnic over at Palmer Park, so that was really nice and munchable, aside from the ants which got everywhere. Was like, ‘aaaaaaaaah, can feel them crawling on me!’. About 6pm Gen arrived back from the dig, like every Thurs night, and she had Matt in tow, as he’d now started his 4 month residency there too. Good to see him and he was actually really nice to me. He stayed at ours for a bit and then headed over to stay at Nic and James’.


In the evening Rox, Gen and I watched a bit of The Office and Peep Show and had some drinkies and then we walked into town to go to Po Na Na’s, as during the summer they have acoustic sessions there in their beer garden on Thursday nights. The band there were actually really good, muchly chilled out, and we stayed and had our usual vodka and cranberries (we always drink that there as it’s the cheapest thing, yay student cheapness!). Lovely summer evening. We then walked round to The Purple Turtle and had a drink there out in the garden and loads of random chats. Good times :-) We then had a meander back home and joined Josh, Sukhi and Dilraj in our house (yep, they go there even when we’re not there, lol). Oh yeh, and that night, I found out how da Graaaaaaaange is indeed like our beloved in one respect. Only this time it’s not Becca and Will, it’s Rox and Josh, who have the room above mine. Cue, ‘aaaaaaaaah, lalala, I don’t wanna be hearing this!’. Lol.


Fri 28th – We ended up watching three episodes of Buffy in a row till lunchtime and then twas a lovely day so Gen and I did some sunbathing. I left a bit after 4pm and went into town and got Rona’s (my cousin’s fiancee, whom I adore) 23rd b’day present and then caught the train home. After dins at home, got the bus over to The Blue Anchor, where Rona was having her b’day thing. The pub was having a 60s/70s/80s night, so Rona, my cousin James and all their friends were dressed as the Scooby Gang and all looked awesome. Apparently one guy had even had the proper Scooby Doo costume, but had taken it off as it was obv so hot. The garden there is actually really nice and as it turns out, a load of old Rat people were there, so ended up having a good ol’ chat to Steve, aka Jack Sparrow. Amy Holland was also working behind the bar there, hadn’t seen her in ages. Rona got muchly wastid, twas beautiful, really good night. James has gone and got a new car – a Toyota Supra – which means nothing to me, but it’s just like the batmobile! He gave me a lift home about midnight, and my dad insisted on coming outside and playing with it and taking it for a spin round the block. Boys, eh?!


Sun 30th – Went to church in the morning and then Clairey, Kate and I went over to Lark In The Park. Ended up chatting so much and for so long, that all we actually managed to do was sit down and talk and didn’t make it to any of the activities! Then went to Maccie D’s for Mcflurries – hadn’t been there in ages. Oh, and before I forget – my sister Abbey’s now working at Maccie D’s in Bexleyheath! I laughed so much when I first found out – my dad had such a go at me. She’s only worked two shifts though, and she already hates it – well, d’uh, it’s Maccie D’s, did she really think she was gonna love it?!


Grandma was round for dinner, as she does every other Sunday, and we watched that Bruce Parry Tribe programme that my dad’s been raving about, which was quite interesting but euwwww, female circumcision; it’s so barbaric, it doesn’t bear thinking about, it’s hard to believe that something like that still goes on in this day and age.


Mon 31st – Met up with Lee and went shopping to get my sister’s b’day pressie and stuff. Got some pretty new shoes in New Look, plus student discount in there, woo. When the shops closed we went back to Lee’s house for a cuppa, and blimey, does his mum love the colour white – the whole house is so white! Watched some trashy tv – Eggheads and Date My Mom – and then got the bus home, on which the bus driver stopped the bus cos of some fraudulent chavs, so we sat there for a while twiddling our thumbs and some big black woman yelled up to the driver: ‘Yo, man, we gotta gooooooo!’, lol.

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