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Just nineteen, sucker's dream

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December 9th, 2006

04:23 am - Formals and lobsters and shit
Life is beyond good - well it's shit that I've got 4 fucking assessed essays to do over Xmas, that's nearly 10,000 words, that can fuck right off, but you know what., atm I don't even care! Just got home from the Wessex Xmas Formal - love that place to bits, awesome catching up with the old crew. Drunk for the 2nd night in a row - had a house party at mine last night, wrecked off my face, woke up in bed with Cathy this morning! (Loves it!).

Anyways, I have a lobster! He's the male version of me, I haven't found anything we don't agree on yet. Even when we're not together we're doing the same thing - he was at his other mate's b'day last night, and I text him like yaaaaay, drinking rose, and he was like, me too, drunk so much rose I feel like I'm gonna throw up! He said he'd be my lobster, yaaaaaaaay! Though i think I might have scared him with my drunken texts, though he did the same to me. Bleh! He's gone to visit this guy we know, Andi, who dropped outta uni and got his gf preggers, but just found out it's not his - shiiiiiiit! I'm such a stupid, silly excitable girl - haven't felt this way about anyone since I was 17! Really hope it works out. He doesn't wanna start anything properly till Jan, cos he's a rich bitch and he's going away to his holiday home in South Africa for the whole 4 wks of the Xmas hols, so he said itr wouldn't be fair. God, I'm stupidly obsessed with this boy, he's perfect! I said to him when I was drunk y'day why couldn't I have met him last yr and he was like, mate, I feel the same way. Sqqqquuuuuuuuuueeeeeee! I'm such a loser!

Still, can't wait to get back to the Sidcup Massive and see the home crew - it's been fucking time and I miss everyone tons - we need a catch up sesh, much! I'm drunk, gotta get up for work in 4 1/2 hrs, bed now methinks!
Current Location: Graaaaaaange!
Current Music: Sugacoma - You Drive Me Crazy (wake the housemates up, yeh!)

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November 13th, 2006

12:26 am - The 2nd year blues

If you procrastinate enough, does an essay go away? I've done my German lit and German grammar homeworks, but there's an English essay I really don't want to do. Mostly cos my seminar leader is absolute shit and none of us understand a word he says. Gay. Playing on Facebook is so much nicer than writing on something I know nothing about.

Jamie and I split up, no surprises there. Long story, but I just can't deal with his unreliability, and he can't deal with, erm, pretty much anything. he says he wants to be friends and this may actually be achieved if I sellotape his phone to his head so that he becomes capable of sending more than one text every three days. On the plus side, did spend a nice evening watching Risky Business and then some random Bollywood film with Maxine while we waited for the boys to come home from the pub - Jamie and I were supposed to be going out, but in fact he spent 12.5 hrs in the pub, from 1.30pm till 2am. 

Auntie Kate is wise in what she's always said: boys are only good as pets.

Bit frustrated as my housemates never wanna go out. They say they will but then they get so stoned they can't move and just fall asleep. Not that I don't do that, but I don't wanna do that every night, I do wanna go out sometimes. Only went out once last week, and that was just me and Charlie - the others haven't been out since Halloween. Wanna Fez it up tomorrow, but depends if I can drag anyone out, meh. I always used to go out with Lee and Christian and Faith and Harmony and that lot - they could always be relied on to be persuaded to come out, but now they live far away :-( Meh, what's a girl to do?

Current Location: The Grange
Current Mood: lonelydisillusioned
Current Music: Feeder - Quick Fade

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October 18th, 2006

12:16 pm - I want a kitten too!
So, he left his phone at his mate's house. What a spac. Oh well, at least he's not ignoring me, I said that to him and he said he's defo not :-) Met all his housemates at The Fez on Monday night and then last night went round and hung out. Took him food cos he's an ill bunny atm, just like half the people I know here. Think I may be getting it too, noooooo! But omg, they have the cutest tiny baby kitten! I want to steal her muchly! In between cleaning their kitchen, because it was actually a health hazard and no wonder they're all ill, I was feeding Trixy icecream, awwww. Anyways, just to say that alles ist in Ordnung in Madz And Jamie Land.
Current Location: In da Graaaaaaange
Current Mood: lethargiclethargic
Current Music: None, cos this is such a short post!
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October 16th, 2006

01:10 pm - Grrrargh

Seriously, what is wrong with some people? Is it really that hard to reply to a text or to actually answer your phone? I am getting seriously annoooooooyed and it's not good for me. I really do know how to pick them *hangs head*. Grrrargh. Boys SUCK.

Mwah, off to watch German DVDs in the Language Resource Centre  with Rachie in a bit. Should've done the reading about it, but I kinda went back to bed instead. It's the frustration.

Current Location: Grange
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
Current Music: In My Head - No Doubt

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October 2nd, 2006

10:47 am - Let the carnage begin
Seriously, at some point I will update the past, like, six weeks, I promise!

Freshers'  Week's shaping up to be awesome. Spent 12 hours back at Wessex yesterday helping move the new freshers in, which was a lot of fun but absolutely exhausting, giving the same speeches over and over from 11am-6pm. And omg, these Italian girls have the  most mahuuuuuuuusive suitcases! (Got Lee to help me carry those!). The freshers all seemed really lovely and met some awesome people. Hardcore spread the Wessex love! 

Felt really proud of myself as there were a few people who were just sitting by themselves in the bar to start with, so I went over and spoke to them, and then introduced all the individual people to each other. Made me really happy a few hours later to see them getting on like they'd always been friends. Job well done :-) The evening was great, we had like 30 of us old Wessex-ers back in the bar, just like old times. What's great about Wessex is that when you join the JCR in your first yr, you become a member for the rest of your time at uni, so we can all still just walk in and use the bar/TV room, etc.... even the laundry!
Current Location: Da Graaaaaaaaaaange, baby!
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Beatfreakz - Somebody's Watching Me

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August 22nd, 2006

09:24 am - MY PARTY!!! Get your arses there!!! - Mon 18th Sep

Madz’s 20th


Charlie’s 22nd


You are cordially invited to join us and get wrecked off your face in celebration of our managing to survive another year!


Monday 18th September 2006


8-ish until whenever we pass outJ


32 Grange Avenue (aka da Graaaaaaaange!)

(If you’re unfortunate enough not to know the wonders of the Wokingham Rd and its terrorist connections and don’t know where we live, ask us for a map or something. Or, you know, wander around like a Fresher until a friendly llama comes to help you. Which, without the aid of drugs, is about as likely as a Wessex cleaner actually doing any cleaning).




Madz, Charlie, Jennie, Gen, Roxy, Becca and Helen



P.S. We’re nice people so we’ll feed you, provided you don’t normally consume your own body weight in food every day (if you do, there’s this place called Weight Watchers where you’d fit right in), Basically,  we’re students, we’re poor, so bring your own booze. And don’t throw up on our stuff. Hope you can come! (In a non-sexual sense, though of course, it’s more preferable than erectile dysfunction).

Current Location: Sidcup, but da Graaaaaaaange later today, woo!
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Kelis - I'm Bossy

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August 16th, 2006

06:19 pm - I'll update properly when I: a) Have time and b) Can be bothered!

 Mmm, I love eating cheese.

Is it sad that I looked forward to coming home from work so that I could read the Ikea catalogue that plopped through the letterbox this morning? Haven't been in years, but I remember it being all magical from when I was ickle. Need to get some stuff for my Reading house if I ever get time, seeing as aside from the week I've got off next week for Reading Festival, I've only got 3 days off work from now until the 9th of September. Crazy!

Need to update about my weekend away at Gen's in the countryside - she actually lives in the middle of nowhere! But now, I need a shower cos I probably smell from work, plus I wanna read that catalogue!

Current Location: Le Sidcup
Current Mood: complacentcomplacent
Current Music: Kein
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August 10th, 2006

06:06 pm - Happy bunnyness

Woo, in two hours I'll be getting on a train to Reading - yayness! Spending the night in my house tonight, then Gen and Roxy will be up tomorrow, and then Helen's driving up after work and driving us to Gen's in East Garston, in the deepest darkest Berkshire countryside, where it's full of horses and then buses stop at 6pm. Looking forward to seeing my friend Rachel tomorrow - she's staying in Reading over the hols, but haven't managed to see her as she's been at a German summer school in Leipzig. She and I were the two people offered places out of our class, but I had to turn it down as I have to spend this summer working my arse off to pay the rent on my house, meh. Also thinking of painting my room tomorrow, as atm it's a nasty pale yellow and just looks a bit dirty. Chris painted his room white as when he moved in it was pink, so probs pop round tomorrow and see if I can borrow his rollers and sheets and if he's got any leftover paint.

Worked promo changeover on Tuesday till 7.30pm, and then as Laura and I were leaving work, who should we randomly bump into, but Terry, my ex. Haven't seen him for near enough a year - last time was the day before my 19th birthday, in The Venue when I went clubbing with my work lot. Random. Him and Laura had a good old catch up, and was so weird talking about people that I used to see three years ago but never see anymore. It's strange to thing how much things have changed and how much groups have changed since then. And Terry's sister is not 3! She was a tiny bubba when I last saw her, crazy! Anyways, what made me go ooooh was when Terry said he bumped into Scott Finch (aka Finchy!) the other week and apparently he's looking like a right tramp these days, with a big old beard, and he's put on a fair bit of weight - ooh!

Day off yesterday and I mostly slothed - nice to catch up on some sleep! In the evening went to the Lark In the Park quiz night with Tommy, Kate, Amelie, Helen, Jo and Jason, and loads of former Purple Palace people were there too, so was nice to see some old faces :-) Continued the 'cult of Jonny West' - we got him to take up our answers, woo! 

Kate was lege and came out with some good 'uns:
- (On Jo stealing her scrunchie): Nooo, I need that to get home!!!
- Germaine Greer's not old, she's a feminist!

Got a pay rise at work today, gone up from £5.55 to £5.67, wooo! Also just checked my Webmail and not only have I been accepted onto the Fresher's Angels scheme, which is a new thing Reading has just started up this year, meaning I get to herd freshers around and look after them, wooo (*special care* for any fit male freshers, lol!), but I've got a place helping out on the German Open Day on the 30th of September, which I'm gonna get paid £40 for - get in!

Current Location: Home home - but not for long!
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: The news on tv

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August 9th, 2006

03:04 pm - If there was nothing you could do to stop it, why'd you try?

Current Location: Home, oh so surprisingly
Current Mood: happym'kay
Current Music: Coheed and Cambria – The Velorium Camper I: Faint Of Hearts

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03:01 pm - You just start again, you start all over again

Current Location: Still at home
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: American Head Charge – Just So You Know

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