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MY PARTY!!! Get your arses there!!! - Mon 18th Sep - Just nineteen, sucker's dream

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August 22nd, 2006

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09:24 am - MY PARTY!!! Get your arses there!!! - Mon 18th Sep

Madz’s 20th


Charlie’s 22nd


You are cordially invited to join us and get wrecked off your face in celebration of our managing to survive another year!


Monday 18th September 2006


8-ish until whenever we pass outJ


32 Grange Avenue (aka da Graaaaaaaange!)

(If you’re unfortunate enough not to know the wonders of the Wokingham Rd and its terrorist connections and don’t know where we live, ask us for a map or something. Or, you know, wander around like a Fresher until a friendly llama comes to help you. Which, without the aid of drugs, is about as likely as a Wessex cleaner actually doing any cleaning).




Madz, Charlie, Jennie, Gen, Roxy, Becca and Helen



P.S. We’re nice people so we’ll feed you, provided you don’t normally consume your own body weight in food every day (if you do, there’s this place called Weight Watchers where you’d fit right in), Basically,  we’re students, we’re poor, so bring your own booze. And don’t throw up on our stuff. Hope you can come! (In a non-sexual sense, though of course, it’s more preferable than erectile dysfunction).

Current Location: Sidcup, but da Graaaaaaaange later today, woo!
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Kelis - I'm Bossy

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